The Verdict on Tim Tebow

Everyone has an opinion on Denver Bronco QB Tim Tebow.

Think for an instant, and so do you. My view on Tebow reveals my strong Christian views. I enjoy everything he does and everything he says. I am pro-Tebow, and Tebowing is encouraged in my home.

Now for the heart of the matter: How many outspoken Christians are outspoken in favor of Tebow? Odds are, those in favor of the Denver QB as an athlete and as a person are primarily — if not exclusively — fans of God. This faithful group believes in miracles, hope and that faith yields results for all to see.

The cynics fall into a category filled accompanied by doubters, atheists and seldom-in-church types, according to my observations and my gut. Remember, never ignore your intuition. It is always a sign, an email if you will, from God.

When I pray, I try to remain thankful for God’s amazing acts, his continued faith in all flawed humans and his daily ability to inspire us. Occasionally I ask for inspiration, and, in the sports world, Tim Tebow is becoming recognized as an inspiration to every man, woman and child who believes.

When Tebow performs a hero act during any game, the brilliant moment is immediately attributed to his belief in God by fans worldwide. His football jersey is selling like crazy partially because people believe in Tim Tebow, unlike our political leaders. IF a highlight moment featuring Tebow does not excite you by now, I submit you are dead — but still breathing for now — or dying in your faith.

The short end of this story: if you believe in Tim Tebow, God has a strong place in your heart, in my humble opinion. I chastise all media members who don’t see the obvious “Thrill of Victory” for what it is. But then the media is pretty jaded and manipulative. Writers/editors are always attempting to persuade you to believe as they do.

If they are anti-Tebow or telling you he’s nothing special, I say think again.

Tebow is a man, a human who has worked his butt off to develop NFL talent. As verbally abused as he is as the wrong QB for Denver, Tebow has worked wonders by getting the Broncos to the postseason. Now he beat the Steelers in OT, which experts would rarely give Denver a chance of accomplishing. Media experts, what’s your next insult against one of the NFL’s brightest rookies?

Let Tebow be, and time will tell where he belongs. Give me a decade to prove his worth to the league.


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