Happy Birthday, Davey

My brother Dave is a special guy in many ways. And today we meet to celebrate his Aug. 1 birthday.
Dave has always led the league in humorous anecdotes and keen (aka awkward observations). He sees humor in nearly every event and lowers the tension in nearly any situation.
Dave is the middle brother of three sons my parents introduced and mentored on this planet. As the middle boy, you know he’s been through some crap in his life. He used to tease me, and I responded by knocking his front tooth out — not a very kind gesture, I must admit.
Dave also had a streak of bad luck when he was about 12. He slid into third base in our expansive back yard and broke the basement window with his big foot.
Shortly after that he pured a 5-iron through the Mr. and Mrs. Sobotta’s plate glass window surrounding their indoor swimming pool. Nice shot Dave. Mr. Sobotta kindly retrieved the TopFlite golf ball — from the bottom of his 10-foot deep pool.
Dave also had he misfortune to turn on a light switch in the middle of the night, only to find the suspended light above the bathroom sink fall into the sink and shatter it.
Beyond all of that, Dave has been a great man, a great brother, a great dad and far less trouble than I imagined when I was only 10 years old.
He has been a blessing in my life and many others. Thank you, Davey, for being my brother and for encouraging me to never give up.
Sorry about your back, the diabetes, all of the toes scars from Pancho the killer Chihuahua and for that hooked fairway wood that almost sliced you in half.
You have done great things, and from what I see, life continues to be improving daily for you and Charlene.20140803-131848-47928756.jpg20140803-152648-55608347.jpg


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