Texas Football Rules

If you love high school football, you no doubt love your local pigskin regardless of what state you live.
Big cities and big football states brag of artificial turf and stadiums seating more than 5,000 raucous fans. But they don’t get to witness mud bowls like some smaller towns.
Every state has its pinnacle programs, its standard bearers and grand traditions. I salute your team whether you play football in Alaska, Alabama, Rhode Island or any of the three states listed below:
Texas, California and Florida
These three states send the most athletes to Division I-A college football programs for justified reasons. Numbers, talent, work ethic and coaching are a well-oiled machine in many states. Among football players from 2013,
In these three, those ingredients work together to generate a Bugatti Veyron, the fastest street-legal car
Katy Tiger football (15-1 state finalist in 2013) is back as head coach Gary Joseph continues to amass the best winning percentage in the history of Texas varsity coaches with 100 wins or more.
Joseph is very modest about his accomplishments at Katy. He has never been a varsity head coach previous to 2004.
Joseph worked as defensive coordinator under Katy’s dynasty builder Mike Johnston since the early 1980s. Johnston battled numerous disappointing seasons before generating the Tigers’ first state final run under his watch in 1994.
Now 138-12 in 10 seasons, Joseph’s teams average almost 14 wins and barely one loss per season. Only one team in the nation has defeated the Katy Tigers twice under Joseph’s watch since he took over in 2004 — The Woodlands Highlanders.
In a 16-game season — if your team reaches the state championship game — Katy averages 15 contests each year. If the Tigers reached the state finals each December for 10 consecutive years, Katy could only have played in 160 games — give or take a bye-week/week zero bonus battle.
Standard bearer for detailed prep football coverage Dave Campbell’s Texas Football usually ranks the top teams in Texas at the end of each decade by listing how many wins schools accumulated in 10 seasons.
The Texas state title contenders year in and year out usually have 95 victories or more. Few collect 100 or more, and the best I recall seeing from the 1990s or 2000s was perhaps 112 or 114 wins from the true elite among all 1,400 Texas teams.
Compared to those numbers, Katy’s last decade sets a gold standard that won’t likely be surpassed.
And the Tigers are again forecast to win a state championship — this time at the newly created 6A level. The previous six arrived in 5A ball (1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2012), and the school’s first state title arrived in 1959.
Only teams I recall that have challenged or beaten Katy’s 138-win decade would be, perhaps:
—— Southlake Carroll (79-1 at the height of a 3-championship run). The Dragon’s lone loss was a 16-15 defeat to Katy in 2003 during Johnston’s coaching finale.
—— Also don’t forget the 151-game winning streak by California’s De La Salle, which did not drop a game from 1992-2005. Thirteen seasons without a loss is hard to beat — even for a stalwart like Katy.
—— Texas powerhouses Allen, Converse Judson, Midland Lee, Odessa Permian and Celina are serious Honorable Mentions.



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