Best Little Restaurant in Katy

SNEAK PEAK: We had dinner tonight at J-DUB’S restaurant on 5th street in Katy, Texas, on the referral of a few friends.
This is a home-run business work checking out. The hamburgers are thick, juicy. The onion rings are as advertised — delicious. Simple meals prepared by a personable group and served with an honest smile.
The service after our food was on the table was among the best I’ve seen at any restaurant. We tipped well because among little, family restaurants, the family effort delivered here makes J-DUB’S a winner.
More later.


Bye Bye Comcast

After a year of Comcast contract pricing leaves one open to a good kick in the rear, I’ve found.
After months of cable TV, plus HBO and ShowTime, and speedy internet, our price bounced to $105 from an average of $90-95. That would not offend me if that was the non-contract price.
However in October I received a bill nearly double that amount — $199! Now HBO was $20, and ShowTime hit me for another $20. Quick translation: $40 down the drain because no one I know watches those channels.
So what do you do with a $200 cable/internet bill? Why, of course, I brought their equipment back and canceled the service.
The young lady at the Comcast store initially suspected I wanted to just drop the HBO and ShowTime. She was thoroughly disgusted when I told her a real cable company should have better manners than to double anyone’s price overnight. Honestly I have never loved cable TV so much that I would spend $200 on it. No televised program is that good!
I returned the hardware within a few days, and they did not even count the cables, splitter or other accessories returned in good order. The router and cable box were their only concern.
In a competitive retail market, Comcast and ATT would be forced to take better care of their customers. In this round, Comcast offered a decent 1-year contract price. But what came after that was uglier than a Halloween horror.
Comcast personnel, you fail your customers long term when you cannot meet their customer service needs and price items ala carte. An offer of a new discounted contract may have renewed my interest.
Whoa to the greedy providers.