Bye Bye Comcast

After a year of Comcast contract pricing leaves one open to a good kick in the rear, I’ve found.
After months of cable TV, plus HBO and ShowTime, and speedy internet, our price bounced to $105 from an average of $90-95. That would not offend me if that was the non-contract price.
However in October I received a bill nearly double that amount — $199! Now HBO was $20, and ShowTime hit me for another $20. Quick translation: $40 down the drain because no one I know watches those channels.
So what do you do with a $200 cable/internet bill? Why, of course, I brought their equipment back and canceled the service.
The young lady at the Comcast store initially suspected I wanted to just drop the HBO and ShowTime. She was thoroughly disgusted when I told her a real cable company should have better manners than to double anyone’s price overnight. Honestly I have never loved cable TV so much that I would spend $200 on it. No televised program is that good!
I returned the hardware within a few days, and they did not even count the cables, splitter or other accessories returned in good order. The router and cable box were their only concern.
In a competitive retail market, Comcast and ATT would be forced to take better care of their customers. In this round, Comcast offered a decent 1-year contract price. But what came after that was uglier than a Halloween horror.
Comcast personnel, you fail your customers long term when you cannot meet their customer service needs and price items ala carte. An offer of a new discounted contract may have renewed my interest.
Whoa to the greedy providers.


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