Katy vs. Manvel: Is Anyone Surprised?

The Division II-6A, Region III favorites Katy and Manvel reached their postseason rematch after posting a combined record of 25-1. They play tonight for the Region III crown in the state football quarterfinals.

Is anyone surprised, based on recent gridiron brilliance?

Katy has averaged about one loss annually since Gary Joseph took over as head coach in 2004. His winning percentage is one of the best in the nation and well over 90 percent.

Don’t be deceived by Joseph’s slim appearance. He is intense and perhaps the best head coach in Texas today. However Gary Joseph will not make that claim. He credits his assistant coaches and the hard work of his athletes for taking the Katy Tigers to even greater heights than 3-time state champion and Katy coaching legend Mike Johnston achieved.

While the Katy Tigers are the Region III team to bet annually, Manvel resembles Katy’s younger days when the “eye of the tiger” became an annual journey into December with 15+ game seasons.

Both have the athletes, coaching and tradition to win big games. I always root for quality teams to meet because their mettle and resources are pushed in those situations. In this area, Pearland, North Shore, Hightower, The Woodlands are classic rivals capable of pushing the limits.

Only The Woodlands, however, has defeated Katy more than one time since Joseph came on board. No other team has scorched the Tigers twice.

Katy won this game with authority for the 2013 Region III Championship. So which team will prevail now?

Bottom Line: Picking against Katy is counter-productive unless injuries take away several key players. This weekend, I expect Katy to win by 10 points or more as Manvel begins to narrow the distance between itself and one of Texas’ most winning football teams since 1990.


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