Live Long and Be Like Spock

With all due respect to Kirk, Scotty and Sulu, Leonard Nimoy’s Spock provided more humor and valuable life lessons than any other Star Trek character.

Logic seldom rules my life, but I admired Spock for his unflinching ability to make the best choice for “the many” when Kirk and Scotty were chasing girls and chugging alcohol. I admired and drew motivation from Spock, partially because Nimoy made him unique while influencing the world to accept those who are different from the crowd.

Since his death, many words of praise have been bestowed on Nimoy. Long live the Spock, who demonstrates strength by unique ability to help when others would run, because it is the logical choice. For those of us who see ourselves as different, may we find a way to help humanity instead of rebelling against it just because we are different.

In a last look, nearly all of Star Trek’s most profound and inspirin moments are linked to Mr. Spock. Leonard Nimoy made Spock unique, wise and inspiring. But mostly, he gave Spock — a half-Vulcan, half-Human — a decidedly human characteristic. He was loved by millions. 



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