Whether you own your own company, work for a fortune 500 corporation or sweep the floors, you need to know how you operate to best help your career and your company.

As you learn how you tend to respond based on your personality — choleric, sanguine, melancholy and phlegmatic — you can more easily bring your strengths to every work or personal situation. You will also begin to see trends in co-workers, supervisors and even family members that re-affirm your understanding of personalities.

In the business world, most will claim the leadership personality of a choleric — who shows Type-A control tendencies, often with manipulation or enabling others. However everyone is a combination of at least personality types, and very few are more than 80 percent dominated by one personality type. Many of us are 50-50 or close to it between our 2 strongest personality types.

While project leaders are often choleric, that strength may or may not be best for the team of people working for a choleric project manager, for example. Many team members 



Disney’s Tomorrowland debuts on the big screen this weekend, and I suspect it will be the biggest surprise hit of 2015.

Sure George Clooney will draw a curious crowd, but the plot here is centered around the real Walt Disney’s brainstorms that led to Disneyland and the brick-and-mortar Tomorrowland in Southern California. While a mystery-adventure, this film is made for Disney fans to see multiple times. It features a strong cast, plenty of Disney light and magic, as well as a factual base.

This film features numerous Disney flashbacks, Walt Disney cameos and winks to the creative genius inside each of us. It is an upbeat story that inspires great hopes.

While I have not seen the film until tonight, I have devoured all previews and documentary material on Tomorrowland. It will be extraordinary if you are a fan of Walt, Mickey, or just the Disney properties. Join me in making this a $100 million opening weekend, and let’s prove that to Disney fans, it is just a small world after all.


This is George Clooney’s best performance ever. Britt Robertson is impressive and shows an authentic, wide range of emotions. A film built on hopes and dream, but clouded by despair — the quintessential plotline. Long live the dreams, the doers, the achievers like Walt Disney. 4.5 STARS

Rebel Alliance

All of us are rebels, and that rule-breaking, anti-establishment side of us sparks our greatest achievements. Some 

Your greatest strengths — include competitiveness, pride, self-esteem, endurance/durability, guts and decisiveness — are mostly derived from your ability to prove someone wrong. It may be polite when you say “Thank you” as they hand you a (last-place) PARTICIPANT ribbon and given the next person a STATE CHAMPION trophy. But in your heart, you are boiling over, awaiting your chance for redemption. 

Everyone knows defeat in athletics, business and relationships. Those who get back up and improve themselves are rebels. They will not sit idly by and coast to last place again. A real competitor may appear calm, but they are  may be turning red 

Texans know the Texas Revolution’s Alamo  Siege is a tale of feisty rebels who simply told Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna to take his mission and shove it despite only a slim chance of survival. That rebellious spirit has inspired Texans since 1835 and colonists during the American Revolution. 

We are friendly people, but everyone has a limit. When you cross it however, as Santa Anna did at the Alamo, customer service goes out the window. 

In today’s allegedly more sophisticated society, men and women are encouraged to walk away from conflict. But great achievements by great people are not created by walking away from difficult situations. In recent movies, even the Marvel Avenger super heroes are beaten down and required to get up again, re-group and try again. Many solid films have screenplays based on an outcast being locked away or thrown out of proper society. Then that rebel must overcome vast challenges to save their society or their planet.

While calm abritration is stylish and sleek, rebels stir the pot and make the meals cook. So many are standing in a corner playing “Yes Man” to the supervisor just because he/she believes they are right. Think about it. If you are just there to agree with the boss, what true contribution are you making to help your company or family? 

Step up and do your best work at home and in the office. Live by these simple rules and your will find your rebellious side has a productive outlet — and you won’t have to resort to espionage or telling your boss to shove it:

  • Go the second mile. Work harder and smarter than anyone.
  • Show integrity in all your do. Be kind, but always truthful in your interactions.
  • Never assume you have all the answers; pray for guidance.
  • Trust, but verify, that work is being done as well as possible.
  • Love everyone. Expect nothing in return.
  • Crosstrain your mind, your body, your spirit and your heart for future challenges. Be prepared for anything.



By Terry Carter

Would you understand me better if I told am a choleric-sanguine or a phlegmatic-melancholy? With these four major personality strengths — and yes, all are strengths at times — each of us can have our actions and behavioral tendencies explained.

Personality experts across the globe have their own terminology for the eccentricities of human behavior and thought. Florence Littauer’s Personality Plus coined these terms, but can you identify them in yourself and your friends/family? 

When you are working with someone toward a solution, it means a great deal to know what drives your counter part. Are they all about the numbers of a project (melancholy), or would an emotional appeal work better than logic?

All of us are a mix of two primary personality types like Sanguine and Choleric, for example. Such a person who is primarily sanguine has fun in nearly all situations. They can be the life of the party, and they are fun to be around. The choleric trait can make they fun to follow to success in the office. Turned the wrong way, however, the same person can organize and throw their own parties where they are the life of the event and everyone else is just a bit player.

Here are the basics to the four key ingredients in Littauer’s Personality Plus:

Choleric is the leadership trait in people. Most of us have it, but we don’t use the “bossy” tone unless it’s an emergency — or the kids forget their chores. if you are primarily choleric, you would excel as a supervisor, police chief or paramedic, but some may find you demanding or even a tyrant if you don’t blend in some people skills. Cholerics take charge and give orders. Others listen and obey them because of who cholerics are.

Is this you most of the time? Are you Mr. or Miss Bossy? Some of us are very dictatorial in business and personal affairs until we hit a stone wall — or meet a bigger dictator than we are. Then bossiness gives way to more subtle strengths. 

Phlegmatic is a more passive personality. Some see phlegmatic so as the polar opposite of choleric, and in some ways that is true. However a  peaceful approach is often more helpful than an arrogant attack. Phlegmatics tend to favor calm solutions and defuse situations. It takes great talent and discipline to do this just as it takes energy and boldness to effectively lead every meeting in your office through aggression.

If you sit in a crowded room and let others offer suggests, you may be phlegmatic. When asked for your opinion and you reply, “I don’t know…” you may be phlegmatic. When you give away your money and car to maintain peace between your bickering children, you are undoubtedly phlegmatic.

Choleric and Plegmatic personalities are rarely found in the same person because they contradict each other in all but the rarest person. It’s a mature, disciplined. The same can be true for the next two traits, Sanguine and Melancholy.

Melancholy is a deliberate, analytical, planning personality. They are careful to study and learn, but often slow to act. Melancholy is opposite of the Sanguine, which is fun and aims to have fun in all situations. They are spontaneous, sometimes careless, and chasing fun.

A melancholy can also sit in the back of a room, but he or she is studying each person entering the store. What are they wearing? What do they buy? What this item instead of that? What kind of work do they do? What influences them? This person is the spreadsheet King/Queen. Numbers convince this person to take action.

A young man I admire (my sanguine side favors his journey in life) graduated from high school and moved to Hawaii where he has lived for several years. He moved there for freedom, of course, but the Hawaiian landscape and its laid-back lifestyle bristle with peace and happiness that cannot be found in the continental United States. Hawaii makes you smile and offers a natural joy that is not found elsewhere.

Sanguines love a party and trend toward the next great thing like SnapChat or the Apple iWatch. Give a sanguine the leadership of a choleric, and they will throw the biggest party since the Super Bowl. A sanguine phlegmatic, however, would be attending as many dances and parties as possile. He may even try to sneak in — until he creates a scene or gets caught. 


By Terry Carter

When it rains, most of our run for cover. Next time, stop and open your mouth during a downpour. Since it’s raining daily this spring, get drenched just for the fun of it. Reach out and re-live your care-free youth for a moment.

Soak in one of God’s great miracles: Fresh rain water for land-locked humans surrounded by billions of tons of salt water. Ancient man had no way create life-sustaining, fresh water. Without rainfall or a pure source of drinking water, he was doomed.

Even today our pricey bottled water tastes stale and tainted from many sources despite purification processes to satisfy government inspectors. After 50 years, I can honestly say that only Fiji Artesian Water and a natural spring in Richmond, Indiana at Glen Miller Park appeal to my taste for the world’s best drinking water. Both are water from heaven. 

So while waiting for last night’s rain storm to move through, I realized while my softball game may have been rained out, that opportunity still remained. I grabbed my Mizuno ball glove and stepped outside the aluminum building covering 3-4 team.

With a moment of spontaniety, I stepped into the rain and played catch while enjoying every rain drop lightly bouncing off of my Houston Astros ballcap. It was five minutes of heaven during a storm, which could have stolen my energy that day.

But I’ll have none of that. Pass the baseball, marbles and mud. Join me, and I’ll share my happiness with you. It’s all about keeping a happy — aka healthy — attitude when things don’t go your way. Now share a smile with a friend, and maybe I will see you Monday night at Baseball USA on the diamond. 



Sam’s Club has  been a good value for many shoppers in years past. Unfortunately, it’s not what it used to be.

Sam’s Club employees are  offering more services today while also charging for accessories and services that competitors provided free of charge.

For example if you started purchasing tires from Sam’s Club and have fewer than four tires from the members-only club, you have to pay $3 for each tire not purchased at the club when you go in for “free rotation.” We just paid $7.75 because two of our four tires were purchased at Discount Tire 18 months ago.

The club, which won over business shoppers with value on larger quantities, is now crowded with families just looking for a weekend excursion for the family or perhaps an upcoming trip. The service has never been outstanding, and now it is below average in many store departments.

Customer service is lacking in many stores although an exceptional man named Marvel in Katy, Texas, made a diference in our secret-shopper visits. But he is the exception to the below-average areas. Slow checkout lines, little assistance with electronics, pharmacy and grocery items — combined with less-favorable, bulk items — are frustrating formerly loyal customers. 

And many of those have carried Sam’s Club cards for years. Now they shop online and have items delivered to their office and/or home.

Face it. Sam’s Club works off of an aging business model and is losing its primary demographic despite efforts to offer more computers, TVs and grocery items. There are still bargains to be found, but the belt is tightening on Sam’s Club. It’s a shame to see the better chains begin operating without planning for the customer’s needs and keeping customers satisfied. 



In the world’s workplace, blue-collar workers at some corporations are expected to work overtime, display company loyalty 24/7 and sacrifice their personal lifes consistently. Very few companies encourage and plan for each worker’s education, growth potential, physical fitness and satisfaction.

The end results at the traditional workplace for overworked and under-appreciated hourly men and women is shameful: stress, burnout, dead-end jobs, divorce and perpetuation of generations of low-wage mistreatment. 

“…I don’t need my name in the marquee lights. I’ve got my song, and I’ve got you with me tonight. Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love… This successful life we’re living has got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys.”

Trouble is most people are not living a “successful life.”  From my observations across the United States for four decades, it is clear that the vast majority will never be successful. Whether you define that as a 6-figure income or 12 months worth of income in a simple savings account, only 25 percent of the population ever claims a job that can meet basic retirement goals. Fewer than 10 percent retire comfortably, and even they sweat vehicle purchases, vacations and paying off the house.

For the blue-collar laborer, he or she is almost destined to struggle just to buy groceries weekly and fix the random flat tire. Saving dollars for 3-6 months is common just to celebrate with a handful of presents. A financially resourceful person can care for a family of 3-4 on fewer than $3,000, but it takes sacrifice, followed by reduction and more sacrifice.

  Have you been there? Really digging out dropped pennies from the couch and under the dresser just to put $2 in the gas tank? If not then you are oblivious to what the working class endures hourly.

They know each week that paying rent requires saving at least $300 from each of the four checks brought home that month. Any less and the rent may be paid, but the electricity and insurance won’t be. 

Birthdays and holidays are times of mourning for working-class laborers. Saving enough cash to celebrate a child’s birthday is like trying to walk on water. Every month is a slippery step where one unexpected event can sink your hopes of being able to even purchase a birthday cake. It’s a trying and tearful time for everyone involved, partially because children of all ages compare their parties and families to their friends.

And true laborers can rarely compete with an upper-middleclass neighbor. It is truly a hard-knock life, and you probably imagined this is the tale of illegal immigrants who don’t speak English and can afford only the worst accommodations.

You would be wrong. This is the daily life of an American citizen with a 4-year, college degree and years of successful experience in a dying industry. His teeth are decaded badly and falling out slowly.  Although he is legally required to buy insurance, he cannot afford to see a dentist. He pays for the insurance for his family members.

With the demands on these workers, it’s embarrasing to say they chose this low-paying line of work. Whether sweeing floors, guarding doors or gathering shopping carts, these hard-working individuals are ignored in society by nearly every  corporation. They are seen as small, disposable items and only important when it works to someone’s advantage.

The company managers use the statement, “You can be replaced in a second” as their threat against immigrants and citizens alike. It’s a disgusting, subliminal threat made daily, and every person desperate to provide for their family is subject to such garage. Tell your boss to “Take this job and shove it!” and you will be replaced within hours because so many are financially strapped by the federal government.

Even the high earners often face early-retirement and golden parachute offers to step down. Accept or be fired, they are told after 30 years of exceptional service. Even while they have the 6-figure income careers, many spend carelessly and have most of their mony in investments, which can crater at any time. It’s a long-shot gamble even for the top 25 percent of earners.

So disappointing.