By Terry Carter

When it rains, most of our run for cover. Next time, stop and open your mouth during a downpour. Since it’s raining daily this spring, get drenched just for the fun of it. Reach out and re-live your care-free youth for a moment.

Soak in one of God’s great miracles: Fresh rain water for land-locked humans surrounded by billions of tons of salt water. Ancient man had no way create life-sustaining, fresh water. Without rainfall or a pure source of drinking water, he was doomed.

Even today our pricey bottled water tastes stale and tainted from many sources despite purification processes to satisfy government inspectors. After 50 years, I can honestly say that only Fiji Artesian Water and a natural spring in Richmond, Indiana at Glen Miller Park appeal to my taste for the world’s best drinking water. Both are water from heaven. 

So while waiting for last night’s rain storm to move through, I realized while my softball game may have been rained out, that opportunity still remained. I grabbed my Mizuno ball glove and stepped outside the aluminum building covering 3-4 team.

With a moment of spontaniety, I stepped into the rain and played catch while enjoying every rain drop lightly bouncing off of my Houston Astros ballcap. It was five minutes of heaven during a storm, which could have stolen my energy that day.

But I’ll have none of that. Pass the baseball, marbles and mud. Join me, and I’ll share my happiness with you. It’s all about keeping a happy — aka healthy — attitude when things don’t go your way. Now share a smile with a friend, and maybe I will see you Monday night at Baseball USA on the diamond. 



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