Rebel Alliance

All of us are rebels, and that rule-breaking, anti-establishment side of us sparks our greatest achievements. Some 

Your greatest strengths — include competitiveness, pride, self-esteem, endurance/durability, guts and decisiveness — are mostly derived from your ability to prove someone wrong. It may be polite when you say “Thank you” as they hand you a (last-place) PARTICIPANT ribbon and given the next person a STATE CHAMPION trophy. But in your heart, you are boiling over, awaiting your chance for redemption. 

Everyone knows defeat in athletics, business and relationships. Those who get back up and improve themselves are rebels. They will not sit idly by and coast to last place again. A real competitor may appear calm, but they are  may be turning red 

Texans know the Texas Revolution’s Alamo  Siege is a tale of feisty rebels who simply told Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna to take his mission and shove it despite only a slim chance of survival. That rebellious spirit has inspired Texans since 1835 and colonists during the American Revolution. 

We are friendly people, but everyone has a limit. When you cross it however, as Santa Anna did at the Alamo, customer service goes out the window. 

In today’s allegedly more sophisticated society, men and women are encouraged to walk away from conflict. But great achievements by great people are not created by walking away from difficult situations. In recent movies, even the Marvel Avenger super heroes are beaten down and required to get up again, re-group and try again. Many solid films have screenplays based on an outcast being locked away or thrown out of proper society. Then that rebel must overcome vast challenges to save their society or their planet.

While calm abritration is stylish and sleek, rebels stir the pot and make the meals cook. So many are standing in a corner playing “Yes Man” to the supervisor just because he/she believes they are right. Think about it. If you are just there to agree with the boss, what true contribution are you making to help your company or family? 

Step up and do your best work at home and in the office. Live by these simple rules and your will find your rebellious side has a productive outlet — and you won’t have to resort to espionage or telling your boss to shove it:

  • Go the second mile. Work harder and smarter than anyone.
  • Show integrity in all your do. Be kind, but always truthful in your interactions.
  • Never assume you have all the answers; pray for guidance.
  • Trust, but verify, that work is being done as well as possible.
  • Love everyone. Expect nothing in return.
  • Crosstrain your mind, your body, your spirit and your heart for future challenges. Be prepared for anything.



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