Disney’s Tomorrowland debuts on the big screen this weekend, and I suspect it will be the biggest surprise hit of 2015.

Sure George Clooney will draw a curious crowd, but the plot here is centered around the real Walt Disney’s brainstorms that led to Disneyland and the brick-and-mortar Tomorrowland in Southern California. While a mystery-adventure, this film is made for Disney fans to see multiple times. It features a strong cast, plenty of Disney light and magic, as well as a factual base.

This film features numerous Disney flashbacks, Walt Disney cameos and winks to the creative genius inside each of us. It is an upbeat story that inspires great hopes.

While I have not seen the film until tonight, I have devoured all previews and documentary material on Tomorrowland. It will be extraordinary if you are a fan of Walt, Mickey, or just the Disney properties. Join me in making this a $100 million opening weekend, and let’s prove that to Disney fans, it is just a small world after all.


This is George Clooney’s best performance ever. Britt Robertson is impressive and shows an authentic, wide range of emotions. A film built on hopes and dream, but clouded by despair — the quintessential plotline. Long live the dreams, the doers, the achievers like Walt Disney. 4.5 STARS


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