Whether you own your own company, work for a fortune 500 corporation or sweep the floors, you need to know how you operate to best help your career and your company.

As you learn how you tend to respond based on your personality — choleric, sanguine, melancholy and phlegmatic — you can more easily bring your strengths to every work or personal situation. You will also begin to see trends in co-workers, supervisors and even family members that re-affirm your understanding of personalities.

In the business world, most will claim the leadership personality of a choleric — who shows Type-A control tendencies, often with manipulation or enabling others. However everyone is a combination of at least personality types, and very few are more than 80 percent dominated by one personality type. Many of us are 50-50 or close to it between our 2 strongest personality types.

While project leaders are often choleric, that strength may or may not be best for the team of people working for a choleric project manager, for example. Many team members 


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