By Scott Thornton, Guest Editor

Yes, it’s that time of year when dads get one, hard-earned day of respect. Say hello to Father’s Day.

Watch family sitcom television for any length of time, and you will know that men are the butt of many jokes. Males are often portrayed as inept, incompetent and generally in need of guidance. On rare occasions, a male character shares some wisdom. 

But, in today’s society, women and/or girls are empowered in acting roles, in government and in classrooms. Sorry guys. Boys and men are not enabled regarded as capable. However I am here to tell you the truth, and that is God created both men and women to be his greatest gifts on Earth. 

Men and women — of all ages, backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds and religions — were placed here in peace to help, to love and to inspire others while following God’s guidelines for success in this life. God didn’t send us here  to complain about the traffic, our neighbors or our children. 

Whether you are male or female, black or white, poor or rich, holding 4 degrees or an 8th grade dropout, you too are worthy of greatness.  



By Terry Carter, Editor

Bruce Lee’s famous movie line “Boards don’t hit back” was not his first quotable moment. 

But then Lee (1940-1973) never fit the mold of fitting in or settling for average. He seemed to be on fire each day with unlimited energy, always training, working out, teaching and learning from the best. He was certainly not a 1-trick pony. In fact this seemingly small man became a superstar in many areas in 33 years: Fitness Innovator, movie star, martial arts superstar, philosopher/author, teacher, and more.

Quite the contrary, Bruce seemed destined to be the world’s best at every mission he tackled. And he learned every useful skill available in the 1960s and early 70s. Bruce did everything well literally, and he was as much an intellectual as those he met.

I am almost surprised that Bruce did not create computer motherboards in 1972-73 and then hand the first home computer components off to Apple Computer future co-founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Here is my Top 10 List of why Bruce Lee, who died unexpectedly on July 20, 1973, is still the man who sets the standard in fitness, martial arts, style/cultue and so many other areas:

1 • Bruce is known worldwide as the perhaps the greatest martial artist in history. His speed was unmatched, even by world champions Joe Lewis and Chuck Norris. The best action cameras of the early 1970s could not capture Bruce’s blazing moves. Bruce was not only faster than anyone he faced, but he inspired the movie industry to introduce faster frame rates in a losing attempt to catch the actor’s precious hits and kicks.

2 • Even more impressive was his strength. Bruce weighed only 130-135 pounds when he became a movie star in the 1960s. He worked relentlessly in the weightroom since his teenage years, and I imagine only future record-setting, bodybuilder Arnold Schwartzenegger could match Bruce’s intensity in the weightroom.

In my honest view, even the greatest bodybuilder of all-time was not as ripped or lean as Bruce on a daily basis. Even the best bodybuilders don’t always look as ripped as they do during the competitions or on magazine covers. Somehow Bruce’s amazing workout regime achieved amazing results each day. But he was also as strong as a 180-pound, muscular male, people say. That means Bruce, at 130 pounds, could likely benchpress more than 300 pounds. Some say he could bench as much as 385 pounds, which is nearly unheard of for anyone under 160 pounds.

Bruce was among the first to exercise each and every muscle in his body, which prompted one admiring female to state that touching Bruce Lee’s body was like “touching warm marble.”

3 • Bruce was also among the first to balance dynamic strength with agility, flexibility, speed and endurance. He was the first bring all the elements of a mixed martial arts champion together in one athlete. Bruce studied not just various fighting styles like Judo and karate, but he also analyzed and respected boxing’s best like Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. Bruce added more exotice sports such as fencing also to prepare for any challenge.

4 • Bruce inspired millions — perhaps hundreds of millions — in 2 ways: He showed the world the Chinese martial artists are not the “weak men of Asia,” and he fought righteous battles for his people, his country, his family. Ethically. Bruce was always doing what was best for everyone — except, perhaps, the Japanese. China and Japan had some rough decades, and Bruce’s movies often portrayed him whipping Japanese butt.

5 • Bruce came back from a serious back injury before he became world famous to reach unbelieveable levels of fitness — and show the world how a real man rehabs injuries and climbing even higher summits. Bruce’s movies show a physical specimen never before seen. He was so lean, so ripped, so strong and so flexible that other athletes, fighters and fans simply stood in shock of his achievement. After 1-2 minutes, most managed to gather themselves and either suffer a rapid defeat, a hyperactive demonstration or Bruce’s All-Amercan smile. Take that.

6 • Bruce not only delivered a liberation revolution for 


  By Terry Carter, Editor

I am watching a documentary on women’s soccer superstar Abby Wambach. Wambach is a prime example of what hard work, adrenaline and a huge heart can accomplish.

Read between the lines, and you will quickly observe that enough hard work or a huge heart — when carefully focused on a specific goal — can change the world. Abby has this rare, triple threat, as well as a pro teammate/mentor named Mia Hamm. Hamm was the face of women’s soccer for more than a decade and as dynamic a scoring machine on the soccer field as anyone. 

 Over time, Mia — the competitive but more introverted of the two — shared with Abby the attitude, the confidence and the leadership that would serve Wambach after their time together with the pro team Washington Freedom. Hamm retired after 2004, and Abby quickly became the face of women’s soccer just as Mia had been.

To Abby’s credit, she waged war on the pitch, but her interviews and work with younger soccer revealed less war-like characteristics. Abby encourages the young players, and she also does what she can to grow women’s soccer everywhere. She has taken a loud, energetic personality and transformed her spirit into a love for the sport and the people who can grow soccer for future generations.

She is taking a year off of pro soccer to focus on the upcoming FIFA World Cup after taking third in 2003, third in 2007 and second in a shootout loss to Japan in 2011. With 182 goals for the U.S. National Team — which is the most of any male or female soccer player on the international stage — Abby’s personal drive could earn her the one honor missing from her trophy room.

Now count hunger as Abby’s fourth motivator. 

To get that World Cup crown, Abby will need a great performance from everyone on the USA team at the FIFA Women’s 2015 World Cup being hosted in Canada from June 6-July 5. If the outcome comes down to heart — or adrenaline addiction — Team USA will bring home the gold. Sometimes that is true, however, sometimes it is not.

And Abby Wambach can finally set a new goal. Go Abby! Go Team USA!


After falling in love with Tomorrowland at the theater recently, I recently ran into an acquaintance and recommended Disney’s latest big-screen bonanza with a PG rating. 

Of course I was convinced by the brilliance of Disney storytelling and animators, so perhaps I was a bit gung-ho in my recommendation. I have recommended the move to perhaps 10,000 people on Facebook, Twitter and other social interaction. So yes, I’m still excited about the film.

The response from this individual stunned me however. They said they had heard only bad reviews of the film and didn’t want to waste their time.

Thought Process: (OK. Uniformed answer… Compose yourself before you reply. They have no idea how this film can enlighten and inspire them. Shall I tell them how Tomorrowland figuratively represents a real-world battle of a struggling genius illustrator who waged a war against mediocrity and The Great Depression. This skinny guy was working hard, but he hit stone walls left and right with bankruptcy, no rights to his most successful, early work and financial challenges. Against all oddes and due to sheer determination, Walt Disney attracted other great artists and the confidence of investors. He succeeded where only a handful would succeed — and built a financial dynasty after struggling for years when millions were dirty poor in the 1920s-30s.)

For anyone who has every watched a Disney film, played with a Disney toy/accessory or stepped onto the grounds of a Disney theme park, Tomorrowland is for you. Walt Disney’s name is not mentioned once. However if you know his struggles and victories, then it is child’s play to see each scene of this movie as Walt’s battle to build the best animated film ever by employing the latest technologiess. Eventually Walt also built the greatest theme park on Earth when Disneyland was opened to the public.

All of the amazing films demanded award-winning stories, outstanding/distinctive voices and new innovations to bring 3-D scenes to life in Bambi and stereo alive in Fantasia. Walt Disney remains today an icon of entertainment. He was a brilliant animator/illustrator, entrepreneur, inventor, voice actor and movie producer. When Walt started out in high school, he was only an artist. He was forced to deliver the other skills out of necessity. 

To honor Walt’s brilliant career, I see virtually every Disney movie. And I rank Tomorrowland in the Top 5 all-time — behind Academy Award Best Film Nominee Beauty and The Beast and Bambi among others. I recommend you, as savvy readers, think for yourselves when an “official” or well-known movie reviewer is disappointed with a film. 

Disney films appeal to the child in each of us. If you know the name Walt Disney, you owe it to yourself to bring hope back to your life by watching a teenage girl and friends finding the Tomorrowland that awed the world for 5 decades now.