By Terry Carter, Editor

I am watching a documentary on women’s soccer superstar Abby Wambach. Wambach is a prime example of what hard work, adrenaline and a huge heart can accomplish.

Read between the lines, and you will quickly observe that enough hard work or a huge heart — when carefully focused on a specific goal — can change the world. Abby has this rare, triple threat, as well as a pro teammate/mentor named Mia Hamm. Hamm was the face of women’s soccer for more than a decade and as dynamic a scoring machine on the soccer field as anyone. 

 Over time, Mia — the competitive but more introverted of the two — shared with Abby the attitude, the confidence and the leadership that would serve Wambach after their time together with the pro team Washington Freedom. Hamm retired after 2004, and Abby quickly became the face of women’s soccer just as Mia had been.

To Abby’s credit, she waged war on the pitch, but her interviews and work with younger soccer revealed less war-like characteristics. Abby encourages the young players, and she also does what she can to grow women’s soccer everywhere. She has taken a loud, energetic personality and transformed her spirit into a love for the sport and the people who can grow soccer for future generations.

She is taking a year off of pro soccer to focus on the upcoming FIFA World Cup after taking third in 2003, third in 2007 and second in a shootout loss to Japan in 2011. With 182 goals for the U.S. National Team — which is the most of any male or female soccer player on the international stage — Abby’s personal drive could earn her the one honor missing from her trophy room.

Now count hunger as Abby’s fourth motivator. 

To get that World Cup crown, Abby will need a great performance from everyone on the USA team at the FIFA Women’s 2015 World Cup being hosted in Canada from June 6-July 5. If the outcome comes down to heart — or adrenaline addiction — Team USA will bring home the gold. Sometimes that is true, however, sometimes it is not.

And Abby Wambach can finally set a new goal. Go Abby! Go Team USA!


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