By Scott Thornton, Guest Editor

Yes, it’s that time of year when dads get one, hard-earned day of respect. Say hello to Father’s Day.

Watch family sitcom television for any length of time, and you will know that men are the butt of many jokes. Males are often portrayed as inept, incompetent and generally in need of guidance. On rare occasions, a male character shares some wisdom. 

But, in today’s society, women and/or girls are empowered in acting roles, in government and in classrooms. Sorry guys. Boys and men are not enabled regarded as capable. However I am here to tell you the truth, and that is God created both men and women to be his greatest gifts on Earth. 

Men and women — of all ages, backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds and religions — were placed here in peace to help, to love and to inspire others while following God’s guidelines for success in this life. God didn’t send us here  to complain about the traffic, our neighbors or our children. 

Whether you are male or female, black or white, poor or rich, holding 4 degrees or an 8th grade dropout, you too are worthy of greatness.  


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