By Scott Thornton

To those who judge superficially and see anything but beauty, take a long walk into a fire ant bed. Surely there will be beauty for you there if this world does not impress.

Beauty is in the eye of each beholder, but each beholder is not qualified to see beauty as God creates it. In other words, anyone looking for beauty with an joyful mind will find it. Perhaps not every face or shape pleases everyone, but who cares! Beauty is much more than what pleases one subjective person with limited vision. Even war, torture and attacks leave a person who has beautiful qualifities. Surely it abounds for all to see — at least those able to see past their own pain.

A Special Statement to Internet and Live Bullies: To those of you who waste your time attacking people with critical, subjective remarks about a person’s appearance, you are wasting your time here. Only God is qualified to judge a person’s worth or if beauty exists within them. You are simply not qualified for such a job. Your comments reflect upon you — a lying human incapable of seeing God’s magnificence and one filled with self-esteem issues. Those with a healthy self image can appreciate beauty in another human far better than those stuck on their own shortcomings. Those who struggle to see if God loves them often want to drag others to their own sewer-level mentality. It is unfortunate, and some of them can bluff you with empty words. But don’t take the bait by even acknowledging such BS! They cannot see beauty in themselves, let alone you. PS: Don’t let me catch you acting like an angry brat around anyone in my world. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry — or protecting a loved one.

If you are gifted in a physical sense, certain people will tell you that you are beautiful. It’s a temporary gift for most us. Don’t use it as a tool to torment or manipulate; it will cost you later if appearance is your primary talent in life. Still take care of your body, skin, hair, etc. In most cases, God only allocates one full set. 

If you are gifted with a special ability, your work is likely to earn you kind remarks from admirers. Artists like authors, photographers, illustrators and more will hear from time to time that their work is beautiful. It’s a way of complimenting what is beautiful inside the writer, the creative soul and the image taker. Whatever your gift, give it away. Learn to see beauty in everyone and every event, and you will eternally live in a gorgeous world.

If you are known for having a huge heart and patience, beauty pours from you every time you speak. Your wisdom and kind words each day are a blessing to all you meet. Forgiveness does not happen in the heart of the angry and frustrated, nor the superficial and selfish. All of these Godly skills are blessings from Jesus, bestowed especially on those who walk a special path and set a righteous example for mankind. I am amazed by those I call friends who can inspire me with a special “thank you” when they have helped me — and I have done so little for my friend in that moment.

If you take charge and lead in every situation, God has granted you the strength of leadership. Without your rare blessings, lives can perish in an instant, and mistakes are made by less decisive minds. Leaders display their beauty be taking the reins when others won’t. Are you the George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan of your friends, each time you start a conversation, solve a dilemma and pull a friend out of the road, you are beautiful. The world needs each of our talents, and leaders are the key to change. Keep chugging.

If you bring smiles and merriment to every event you attend, you are surely God’s child ordained with a special  sense of humor. Where you go, the fun follows. Spontaneity is your middle name. And the Lord has blessed you with the unique ability to ease tension, “make ’em laugh” and bring a smile to everyone’s face. That comic skill is God’s beauty as you can distract or stop evil intent and lead a man or woman to re-evaluate if their original thoughts are valid.

On a more serious side, beauty can also be revealed by the person digging up facts and evaluating the numbers when an overwhelming situation arrives. The man or woman who uncovers the ultimate solution to a large wall of numbers will be hoisted and promoted for their magic answer. Despite their clothing, their hair and other alleged shortcomings, this answer man could easily get on a roll and be a vice president in 2-5 years. Now that’s a beautiful thing.

While physical beauty in humans is most commonly observed by an enormous media world, it should not be your goal as a young person to be only beautiful. Beauty vanishes over time. Develop your true personal strengths and your base character — one filled with integrity, love, kindness, loyalty, faithfulness and hope. Be known for these wherever you live and work.

With these and God’s help,  you can clear any hurdle. With these, you will set an example that will inspire others to follow in your footsteps today and tomorrow.

Beauty is truly everywhere you look if you learn to recognize it. I saw beauty all over in the last week. Some at a wedding. Some at a party. Some on the face of a wonderfully curious child. Some in acts of kindness. Some in dedication. Some in charity. And so many more in random acts of love shared with total strangers.

Like love, beauty is everywhere, ladies and gentlemen. You simply have to open your eyes, open your heart and embrace the next beautiful thing that happens in your life. 

Be brave. Be beautiful.


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