‘To Hell With Circumstances…’

By Terry Carter, Editor

Bruce Lee was not a man to quibble with.

Yet he had many serious and philosophical conversations that provided wisdom, inspiration and motivation to millions. Bruce’s many books are loaded with precise direction on martial arts, fitness and accomplishing goals.

In retrospect, many fans see Bruce Lee as one who was bigger than life. He was only 5-7 and, at most, 130-135 pounds. Yet he was perhaps the strongest, quickest, most flexible, most fit, technically skilled and knowledgeable martial artist of all-time. That’s a bold statement because all martial artists excel in several areas.

Bruce did more, however. He trained harder and mastered more skill sets to rise above even the legends of his day. Chuck Norris, a legendary kick boxer and successful movie star we know well, Joe Lewis and many other world-class athletes worked out with Bruce and walked away amazed at his skillset. 

By 1972, Bruce Lee was the biggest name in action movies. He set numerous box office records in Asia and attracted more and more fans daily. He was becoming bigger than Steve McQueen, another martial arts student of Bruce’s.

But several years earlier, Bruce was not in the spotlight and struggling with a back injury and finances. He gave lessons in California to pay the bills and had to beat the best martial artist in the bay area in order to earn the right to teach Chinese martial arts to non-Chinese. He was threatened and challenged by the established martial arts community.

Bruce had also injured his back serious doing exercises and thought for some time that he may never be able to fight or teach ago after doctors told him so. That was quite a health obstacle to overcome. With his wife Linda’s assistance, Bruce chose to write about his way and rehab like no man on Earth to become stronger, faster and better still.

This legend of action movies and mixed martial arts also proposed an idea for a television show and was not selected for the role.Each of these items could have brought him to his knees in defeat. But Bruce Lee already understood discipline, sacrifice and endurance. He was not the giving up type.

He simply used to epic phrases to tell the world no defeat or delay will ever stop Bruce Lee. I recommend we all plug these phrases into our vocabularies because life is not always joyful or pleasant.

Phrase 1: “To hell with circumstances. I make opportunities.” 

Phrase 2: “Walk on.”


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