By Scott Thornton

I watched the final edition of Hunger Games on opening night. And I left saddened by a weak plot that lacked the drama of this blockbuster. 

It could have been much  better with this elite team of actors, directors and the Hollywood budget on special effects.

After several weeks of screen dominance, I have lost my respect for the final two parts the Hunger Games series. The first films were spectacular and riveting. The final two movies of The Mockingjay lacked substance and a meaningful conclusion.

I won’t waste your time weighing the pros and cons of this film. The Mockingjay Part 2 showed brief flashes of the brilliance that rocked the film world in the first two films. However the revolution did not meet the minimum requirements for emotional content. My heart wanted the villans to die much differently. This version was flat out boring in the final despite the cast.

Bring on the Star Wars premier. I’m looking for a movie to be proud of. 


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