By Terry Carter, Editor

What do you look for in a relationship? 

Appearance? Age? Financial status? A sense of humor? Maturity? Common Interests? Fitness? Some settle for the sex appeal and suffer crash-and-burn endings in short order. In the end, there are the immature fools who believe they are old enough to date — and there are the others who want to find a lasting, loving relationship. For the latter group, we can all learn from our relationships and our attitudes during those interactions. The former may not learn a thing.

I can safely say that everyone has beauty within and love to share with the right person. Your mission? Find and encourage their beautiful character to be revealed. But it’s not that easy, is it? If you have dated two people in your life, you know that is true.

While all of these traits listed aboved can be positives, your attitude is the primary key to finding a relationship that will last in today’s freelance, pre-nup dating era. Your attitude — and the other person’s attitude, of course. No individual can find a great relationship without the participation of a second interested party. It does take two to tango; one lonely person cannot create a healthy relationship by wanting it desperately.

Do you simply follow today’s declining moral values and date around for benefits? That may not be the intention of the majority of daters, however, it is the end game of many who date around. 

If you have not truly fallen head-over-heels in love with The One yet, take a better path to finding love if you are ready for a long-term relationship.

I suggest the following to improve your odds…


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