By Terry Carter, Editor

The copy editor in my soul despises some actions of today’s highly paid advertising, marketing professionals. Take the beautiful ads by Ford that direct people to “Go further.”

My reply? You cannot. However for the English majors who still type complete sentences on their iPhones, you can go farther if you choose.

Pardon my editing background, but if I run or start a journey, my grammatical mind does not permit me to run further. It simply is not a distance or measurement. I must, therefore, run farther.

In the 1980s and 1990s, common sense dictated that further and farther were not synonyms. Further was never used to indicate distance. Yet even the alleged ultimate authority on the English language, dictionary editors, admit useless words annually to stay current with society’s grammatically challenged society. On rare occasions, those same editors 

Today’s grammarians consider the words virtually identical. And people who should know better, including news broadcasters and highly-educated persons, have bought in this fallacy. And they are fools.

If these words both met the definition for distance, only one would be necessary — plain and simple. Even the dictionaries show them as interchangeable. And those alleged authorities are also the fools who have forgotten the lessons of history…

When in doubt, use base words. Can you run fur or far? Case closed.

“A long time ago in a galaxy fur, fur away…” is not a classic movie introduction you with ever hear. Trust me on this.


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