By Scott Thornton

Like many married couples, raising wonderful children and watching them grow into outstanding adults has been very rewarding for me.

But it leaves a query in its wake: OK. You accomplished that major life goal. What’s your next purpose on this planet? The witty answers you have already conjured up are OK for some, but they are annoying bluffs or distractions in this writer’s card game.

I ask this as my world — or at least my control of it — slips away. Am I destined to accomplish little in this life? Or is there greatness yet on the horizon? 

Am I destined to live in a dumpy apartment until they raise the rent annually to $2,000/month, and I am forced to sleep on the street?

Like you, I have worked hard all of my life. I have worked for Fortune 1,000 companies and others. I have worked 100-hour weeks, invested my own money and hours into helping others and starting businesses. But, at times, it seems I have failed to reap the common rewards.

 The road of life is windy and mysterious. Think you have it figured out, and time will tell you differently. This lovely piece of road once caused a radiator leak and flat tires for many vehicles.

I am the content type — thanks to God — but with a burning desire to improve myself on a daily basis. To reach goals, you must first write ambitious, but real-world goals. Then you construct a strategy of daily, weekly and monthly activities that will reach the written 6-month or annual goal. 

Despite being thankful and content with my current hand of cards, I know there is room for dramatic improvement. Where are the kings and aces in this game? 

Am I destined to just accept the circumstances that smack me in the head every week or two? My reply is hell no. In fact, I agree with Bruce Lee’s famous response to repeated frustrations in the movie industry. The famous Lee line is to the point and powerful: “To hell with circumstances! I make my own opportunities.”

This concept is for Type-A personalities only, and please bring a partner to help keep the books and cash straight if you launch your own business. 

As for true purpose, however, I find it seems to diminish as your age increases. It explains why grandparents retire and often feel lonely in their final years unless they have family close by on a regular basis. My children are currently out of the house now. That part of my existence is complete, and playing grandparent has not started yet. 

I’m fine with that and will not rush the arrival of grandchildren. It will happen in God’s time, and I am to spend my time on health, golf, running, reading and writing. But are those purposes? I think not.

The quandary continues for now…


2012 Bucket List for Politics

Didn’t see The Bucket List — only the previews on YouTube. But, like you, the idea sank in that daring lists are worth making and often doing.

This 2012 time frame may prove to be inaccurate, but here is my 2012 Bucket List for the political world. This fantasy role-playing world of supposed politics consists of evil villans disguised as heroes/heroines and actions that maim even the best of us. Each party coerces the other with a strong-arm tactic or four — whatever it takes — and then attempts to smile and make the legislation sound like it was a joint effort. Black mail or outright bribe seems more appropriate.

On with the 2012 Bucket List:

  1. Elect a U.S. President with integrity, bravery, wisdom, delayed gratification and old-school values. If he has a Bible tucked under his arm, all the better. And, with this Congress, he better know how to tell people “No” every hour of the day. I’m not stuck on party, but I know what has worked in this country for 235 years because I study history and I learn from the best. Give me a strong, honest man or woman who will not wilt under pressure — not a politician who’s weak and ignores business, security, God, American Exceptionalism, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You guessed it — I am not a fan of Barak H. Obama and his government-run methods.
    I do not know the political affiliation of most of these past presidents, but they led America in a way that shows wisdom and America’s Godly Heritage (Thank you, author David Barton). My brief list of Great American Presidents includes: G. Washington, A. Jackson, A. Lincoln, T. Roosevelt and R. Reagan. Political party does not matter. Their actions mattered in leading America to greatness and keeping the USA there.
  2. Kick every bum out of Congress who keeps voting on wasteful spending at this time of unheard-of national debt. Believe it or not, politicians don’t belong in Washington D.C. They should be digging ditches so they begin to understand what hard work — which most of us invest 8-16 hours a day on just to eat — is. I’ve met Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Their political wrangling and arm-twisting, threats make them useless to American citizens. Go home, Harry. Nevada doesn’t need you ever again, but maybe you can join Nancy in the zoo. Nancy, your persuasion techniques are not worthy of discussion among humans. However I’m certain the arctic exhibit at a major zoo will give you new friends to make — mainly polar bears and wolves like yourselves.
  3. Tell the media — online, print, television, etc. — you are banning their political maneuvering (outright propaganda/lobbying actually) until after the November election. They are full of editorial manure and spewing a diseased agenda on each of us daily. I see through the media stories, attacks and mis-direction. Personal insight and time in newsrooms, television studios tells me at least 45 percent of the nation votes for the man their newspaper or TV newscast tells them to vote for. Can you say mind-boggling? How naive are we to let others tell us how to think and for whom to vote? Grow your brain through use and stop soaking up horrible, depressing news — it will change the person you are. Plug the brain back in and think for yourself. But here’s the real trick: Vote unselfishly for what helps your country thrive the most and not what helps you personally. There is a habit George Washington would be proud of.
    I dare you to ignore the media’s propaganda and not vote like your friend or your dad. Study the candidates, listen to their answers critically (remember how good “Hope and Change” sounded four years ago), ask questions. Be proactive in making your choice. But don’t make a choice because the candidate is your dad or he looks like you. Follow Martin Luther King’s lead: Judge a man not on the color of his skin, but on the content of his character. A very few media sources can help you dig out facts that are hidden and tell-tale facts. Ignore the fluff and find several, serious news sources to who are truly objective. In other words, they don’t tell just good news about 1-2 candidates and rip all others to shreds.
  4. Give me ear plugs until all the campaign ads have been burned in a fire or archived far from me. At least that wish is realistic. I always carry ear plugs and truly hate attack ads. Candidates, if you want my vote and many more, tell us what you believe. Don’t attack the other candidate. It does not work for me.
  5. Get this election over with ASAP.  I’m ready to vote today, and, trust me, I’m HOPING to make a CHANGE when I vote. Help yourself by learning the difference between a capitalist economy and a socialist economy. God help us if voters don’t know the difference as the election draws nearer. Best of luck to all of us when this election finally arrives. From my view, this election is the most important in my lifetime.