By Terry Carter, Editor

A typical rich man knows not the pain of wanting, of waiting, of struggling each day. Sure, he wants more at age 30 than he had at 20. But it is all a measure of time. He will eventually get there.  He learns early that his job is to work hard and make money. His field of expertise? It is meaningless as long as it generates growing revenue.

A poor man also works hard, but he lacks drive, a focused skill to make millions in business for himself. He makes millions in his lifetime for another, and his reward is minimal. No 401k and no golden parachute here. A poor man’s mentality clearly states he must work for someone; it rarely allows him to work for himself, where he has a slightly better chance of winning the financial lottery with the same work ethic.

Without  a good education, specialized skillset, a mentor and some encouragement, a poor man will struggle mightily in this life. He will likely have 30-40 jobs — and most end in anger, frustration or confusion. Hungry and pissed off, the unprepared poor man has little thought of a better job and a brighter future. Instead he takes the first offer of work because he needs food today. This means minimum wage to $12/hour is his permanent pay range.

His is a reactionary move, — not one of learning, planning and marketing as the rich man learns. And managers have a knack at reading people interviewing as not worth a bump in pay and then offering only the lowest rate available. And a struggling person, who has been hungry and unemployed, has a tendency to accept any amount because it means a chance to eat again. Forget that he/she may be weeks without prescription medication, months with a hole in their only boots and sleeping in an old vehicle.

In all likelihood, the poor person struggles at his first job and continues to struggle until he is laid-off from his final job. Then he dies and can only be buried through the donations of family members or government.
The rich man, even when young, is taught to learn from each mistake, each maneuver. If a job is lost — and this is a key separator between the rich and poor mindsets — the rich either learn a valuable lesson and apply it or they KNOW the person who fired them made a mistake. The problem in any firing is not with the rich-mindset employee. It is with the employer.

For the poor-mindset employee, they are blamed and assume full blame when  And, most likely, they have family at home willing to back up that hypothesis repeatedly. And that reinforces what a poor, miserable wretch this now unemployed person is. The poor self-esteem is reinforced daily at home, at work and by everyone this alleged loser meets. How nauseating.

While the rich mind focuses on winning, on making more money, the poor mind focuses on what they want most. They focus on the recreational time and the fun, amusement they cannot afford to enjoy. 
If the rich man is then taking all the cash and getting richer, how does the poor man compete? Actually it is usually the poor women who compete and outsmart the rich best. By have many children, by earning disability benefits in court, by suing for millions with clever attorneys, by using government programs like food stamps, subsidized housing and the Gold Card, the poor have found a workable niche built by the Democrats for the underprivileged. And by broadcasting their plight to wealthier people they work for, the hard-working, yet poor, person, often takes home donations like food, furniture, toys, clothing.

They may never be rich, but millions of hard workers in America currently have more available cash than middle-income U.S. citizens. Even the contractor working day jobs or on construction sites and cannot speak English, take home enough cash to send money home or buy Tequila and smokes on the weekend. Think about.