By Terry Carter, Editor

A typical rich man knows not the pain of wanting, of waiting, of struggling each day. Sure, he wants more at age 30 than he had at 20. But it is all a measure of time. He will eventually get there.  He learns early that his job is to work hard and make money. His field of expertise? It is meaningless as long as it generates growing revenue.

A poor man also works hard, but he lacks drive, a focused skill to make millions in business for himself. He makes millions in his lifetime for another, and his reward is minimal. No 401k and no golden parachute here. A poor man’s mentality clearly states he must work for someone; it rarely allows him to work for himself, where he has a slightly better chance of winning the financial lottery with the same work ethic.

Without  a good education, specialized skillset, a mentor and some encouragement, a poor man will struggle mightily in this life. He will likely have 30-40 jobs — and most end in anger, frustration or confusion. Hungry and pissed off, the unprepared poor man has little thought of a better job and a brighter future. Instead he takes the first offer of work because he needs food today. This means minimum wage to $12/hour is his permanent pay range.

His is a reactionary move, — not one of learning, planning and marketing as the rich man learns. And managers have a knack at reading people interviewing as not worth a bump in pay and then offering only the lowest rate available. And a struggling person, who has been hungry and unemployed, has a tendency to accept any amount because it means a chance to eat again. Forget that he/she may be weeks without prescription medication, months with a hole in their only boots and sleeping in an old vehicle.

In all likelihood, the poor person struggles at his first job and continues to struggle until he is laid-off from his final job. Then he dies and can only be buried through the donations of family members or government.
The rich man, even when young, is taught to learn from each mistake, each maneuver. If a job is lost — and this is a key separator between the rich and poor mindsets — the rich either learn a valuable lesson and apply it or they KNOW the person who fired them made a mistake. The problem in any firing is not with the rich-mindset employee. It is with the employer.

For the poor-mindset employee, they are blamed and assume full blame when  And, most likely, they have family at home willing to back up that hypothesis repeatedly. And that reinforces what a poor, miserable wretch this now unemployed person is. The poor self-esteem is reinforced daily at home, at work and by everyone this alleged loser meets. How nauseating.

While the rich mind focuses on winning, on making more money, the poor mind focuses on what they want most. They focus on the recreational time and the fun, amusement they cannot afford to enjoy. 
If the rich man is then taking all the cash and getting richer, how does the poor man compete? Actually it is usually the poor women who compete and outsmart the rich best. By have many children, by earning disability benefits in court, by suing for millions with clever attorneys, by using government programs like food stamps, subsidized housing and the Gold Card, the poor have found a workable niche built by the Democrats for the underprivileged. And by broadcasting their plight to wealthier people they work for, the hard-working, yet poor, person, often takes home donations like food, furniture, toys, clothing.

They may never be rich, but millions of hard workers in America currently have more available cash than middle-income U.S. citizens. Even the contractor working day jobs or on construction sites and cannot speak English, take home enough cash to send money home or buy Tequila and smokes on the weekend. Think about.



By Terry Carter, Editor

The copy editor in my soul despises some actions of today’s highly paid advertising, marketing professionals. Take the beautiful ads by Ford that direct people to “Go further.”

My reply? You cannot. However for the English majors who still type complete sentences on their iPhones, you can go farther if you choose.

Pardon my editing background, but if I run or start a journey, my grammatical mind does not permit me to run further. It simply is not a distance or measurement. I must, therefore, run farther.

In the 1980s and 1990s, common sense dictated that further and farther were not synonyms. Further was never used to indicate distance. Yet even the alleged ultimate authority on the English language, dictionary editors, admit useless words annually to stay current with society’s grammatically challenged society. On rare occasions, those same editors 

Today’s grammarians consider the words virtually identical. And people who should know better, including news broadcasters and highly-educated persons, have bought in this fallacy. And they are fools.

If these words both met the definition for distance, only one would be necessary — plain and simple. Even the dictionaries show them as interchangeable. And those alleged authorities are also the fools who have forgotten the lessons of history…

When in doubt, use base words. Can you run fur or far? Case closed.

“A long time ago in a galaxy fur, fur away…” is not a classic movie introduction you with ever hear. Trust me on this.


By Terry Carter, Editor

As a veteran athlete and sports editor, I am occasionally asked to make a list or speak on greatness. 

I often surprise people if they don’t specifically pin me down to a very specific list, such as the greatest high school athletes of all-time or the best games I’ve covered. But my All-Time Greatest People I Want To Spend A Day With doesn’t include many athletes.

It does, however, include icons and life changers who cannot be equaled. The list is a compendium of all of the great athletes, movers & shakers the world has known. 

Here is a brief summary of my Favorite Five. All were tremendous achievers against great odds, proving once again that adversity brings greatness to the surface for all to see. And, no, one day would not be near enough time to learn from these wizards of wisdom.

5. STEVE JOBS — The Apple Computer founder and creative/marketing genius passed away recently, but he changed the way we talk, communicate, listen to and obtain or create music. He changed movies and was fearless. If he agreed with you, it was still a stretch to have a calm conversation with a man as driven to perfection and style as Steve. Steve imagined the perfect computer when the best choice was a mainframe filling a room. He and technical genius Steve Wozniak then began to introduce the world to real personal computers. Nothing has remained the same since since the Steves showed the world what innovation really means. From Macintosh to iMacs to iPods to iPads to Apple Pay, our lives have improved dramatically every few years since the name Steve Jobs became popular. And from a humble, greatful Apple fan, the world thanks you for aiming so high, most people laughed in disbelief. 

4. GEORGE WASHINGTON — While only 20 years old and then a British officer, George was the only officer to survive a 1752 ambush in the Pennsylvannia woods. George had his horse shot out from under him by French and Indian soliders hiding behind trees while the British troops marched into battle in a straight line — just inviting their demise. George’s coat hangs in a New York museum today with several bullet holes that pierced the jacket during battle. George later wrote a letter to his family stating that he was blessed to have survived the British slaughter that day. Twenty years later and before the 1776 American Revolution, an old Indian chief heard George Washington was back in the area and rode a long way to meet him. The chief told Washington that all the Indian braves fired with great accuracy that day and killed officers first. But even from close range, the Indian chief said Washingon was protected by God on that day. The chiefed realized then and told his braves to stop shooting at the “man who could not be killed in battle.”

3. ABRAHAM LINCOLN — A second great U.S. president? Really? Yes. He was virtually God’s chosen child to work the magic he did to pull the states back to being united once more. The story I’ve read on Abe’s birth indicates he was destined for greatness from the moment he was born — despite never attending school and growing up poor and with much failure in his life. As the story goes, the president’s mother was in labor during a powerful winter blizzard. The father left to find a midwife who could help with the safe delivery of the baby. He was gone for hours, but apparently never found the midwife. However while he was gone, a knock came on the Lincoln home door. A young midwife appeared and safely delivered Mrs. Lincoln’s baby. Story has it that the midwife  asked Mrs. Lincoln only one favor when the new mother expressed her gratitude for the timely delivery. She asked that the young man be named Abraham. The tale, which history will no doubt dispute,  exemplifies the miracle required to simply start life on this planet. 

2. BRUCE LEE — If you have not noticed, Bruce has been at the top of my list of most admired  people. He got beat in a fight when he was young. Determined to never lose again, Bruce focused his vast energies on taking lessons and working his thin, meager frame into the strong, lean, flexible form we have seen in books and on fitness products for decades. Beyond his fitness leadership as an early weight room adopter, which drew the admiration of the best bodybuilder Arnold Schwartzenegger and millions of others, Bruce was an even better maritial artist, learning from boxing, fencing, wrestling and dozens of forms of hand-to-hand combat. Better still, Bruce learned and shared in his books and interviews the philosphies that still change the word today with riveting states like: Live a life worth remembering. He did that in every conceivable way from my perspective.

1. JESUS CHRIST — History teaches us that Jesus healed the lame, ill and blind. He raised the dead and walked on water. He showed thousands what God had in mind for his people. Any questions?


By Scott Thornton

I watched the final edition of Hunger Games on opening night. And I left saddened by a weak plot that lacked the drama of this blockbuster. 

It could have been much  better with this elite team of actors, directors and the Hollywood budget on special effects.

After several weeks of screen dominance, I have lost my respect for the final two parts the Hunger Games series. The first films were spectacular and riveting. The final two movies of The Mockingjay lacked substance and a meaningful conclusion.

I won’t waste your time weighing the pros and cons of this film. The Mockingjay Part 2 showed brief flashes of the brilliance that rocked the film world in the first two films. However the revolution did not meet the minimum requirements for emotional content. My heart wanted the villans to die much differently. This version was flat out boring in the final despite the cast.

Bring on the Star Wars premier. I’m looking for a movie to be proud of. 

‘To Hell With Circumstances…’

By Terry Carter, Editor

Bruce Lee was not a man to quibble with.

Yet he had many serious and philosophical conversations that provided wisdom, inspiration and motivation to millions. Bruce’s many books are loaded with precise direction on martial arts, fitness and accomplishing goals.

In retrospect, many fans see Bruce Lee as one who was bigger than life. He was only 5-7 and, at most, 130-135 pounds. Yet he was perhaps the strongest, quickest, most flexible, most fit, technically skilled and knowledgeable martial artist of all-time. That’s a bold statement because all martial artists excel in several areas.

Bruce did more, however. He trained harder and mastered more skill sets to rise above even the legends of his day. Chuck Norris, a legendary kick boxer and successful movie star we know well, Joe Lewis and many other world-class athletes worked out with Bruce and walked away amazed at his skillset. 

By 1972, Bruce Lee was the biggest name in action movies. He set numerous box office records in Asia and attracted more and more fans daily. He was becoming bigger than Steve McQueen, another martial arts student of Bruce’s.

But several years earlier, Bruce was not in the spotlight and struggling with a back injury and finances. He gave lessons in California to pay the bills and had to beat the best martial artist in the bay area in order to earn the right to teach Chinese martial arts to non-Chinese. He was threatened and challenged by the established martial arts community.

Bruce had also injured his back serious doing exercises and thought for some time that he may never be able to fight or teach ago after doctors told him so. That was quite a health obstacle to overcome. With his wife Linda’s assistance, Bruce chose to write about his way and rehab like no man on Earth to become stronger, faster and better still.

This legend of action movies and mixed martial arts also proposed an idea for a television show and was not selected for the role.Each of these items could have brought him to his knees in defeat. But Bruce Lee already understood discipline, sacrifice and endurance. He was not the giving up type.

He simply used to epic phrases to tell the world no defeat or delay will ever stop Bruce Lee. I recommend we all plug these phrases into our vocabularies because life is not always joyful or pleasant.

Phrase 1: “To hell with circumstances. I make opportunities.” 

Phrase 2: “Walk on.”


  By Terry Carter, Editor

Do you have plans for today, Oct. 4? Cancel them. Tickets to the game or show? Give them away. What happens Today in Washington D.C. has probably already affected your family or a close friend — and it could save millions of lives in the future.

Join me in supporting a worldwide event on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015, on the National Mall in Washington D.C. to support comprehensive diagnosis, medical care, treatment and resources for addiction. It’s called United to Face Addiction — a topic that affects 1-in-3 families in America, but is often ignored because of apparent embarrassment or social pressure.

The free rally will include musical performances by the likes of Steven Tyler, Joe Walsh and John Rzeznik of The Goo Goo Dolls and expected notable speakers like TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz and many others.

In honor of my daughter and the roughly 85 million people in America are affected by a chronic addiction — and as many as 90 percent of those with signs of addiction are not treated — I offer my own version of Martin Luther King’s landmark 1963 I Have a Dream speech. It is tweaked to the current topic of addiction and recovery as addiction to alcohol and other drugs is now America’s “most urgent health crisis.”

Blessed are those who live in America for opportunity is great here. May that soon be the truth for those who are so often ignored and refused proper care today because of addiction.


I am so happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for improved care, treatment  occurs today for those drowning in America’s “most urgent health  crisis.”

We live in the 21st century, an educated, enlightened and medically advanced age when virtually all major illnesses have cures or longer life expectancies considered impossible even a century ago. With these advances and a proven treatment system for drug addiction and recovery, now is the time to embrace the fact that a person in recovery is not a failed human. They  fell into addiction by genetic disposition and enviroment.

When my daughter was first diagnosed with drug addiction in 2011, we were told by a physician that medical studies revealed that 15 percent of the general public has an addictive disposition in their genetics, their unique DNA code. That means more than 1-in-10 people, if exposed to alcohol or any addictive substance, could be addicted in a short time. From that day on, their decisions must be deliberate and focused on sobriety. The 12-step system created for acoholics in th 1930s during the heart of the depression was a monumental victory in saving lives.

More recent additions of alternative peer groups, counseling, youth programs and even sober schools have raised the lives of those in recovery to a point where they can and do reach a totall productive life. There are hundreds of organizations that are interdependent in the life of a person with such a chronic medical condition. 

With so much achieved and so many millions of cases of addiction undiagnosed, it is physically impossible to suggest a community or a school district personnel to suggest that addiction does not exist on their turf and therefore needs no attention. Addiction is everywhere from Congress and the richest neighborhoods to the janitorial department in your office building and the slums — as are those who have recovered from this illness and are today famous musicians, politicians, judges, teachers and much, much more. You cannot isolate yourself from this disease. Instead face it and work with the hundreds of organizations in Washington D.C. today hoping for a better future.

The time has come to embrace this medical field, not ignore it or push it aside like an unwanted child. Those in recovery are more mature and wise than you suspect. I  am consistently amazed with the wisdom of my many friends who have been influenced by the world of recovery. 

There is no place for shame regarding addiction in your world or mine. To avert your eyes and say this worldwide issues does not affect you is like saying massive pollution will never affect your food, air or water. Wake up, friends. You are blinded by fear and shame hoping addiction avoids you, but your neighbor may still be attending recovery meetings.

Drugs such as alcohol and its companion, addiction, have been soul mates since the first liquor was swallowed long before America’s democracy was founded. For thousands of years, drunkards have been a waste product in each socity. Today a huge number of homeless and jailed persons are suffering from addiction and have no treatment options. They are part of the estimated 90 percent of drug addicts who are untreated. But we can fix this in the future.

I have a dream that one day men, women and their children will live in a world where everyone is created equal — and can have a chance to succeed regardless of challenges. A world where everyone is cared for, loved and given the medications they need.

I have a dream of a day when addicts are given value and care, where they are not judged by their failures — but by their victories over a relentess, chronic disease. I have a dream that we are all judged by the content of their character. I have a dream that recovery organizations across the nation awaken U.S. officials to the fact the “war on drugs” has failed, but recovery is the better way to win. I have a dream that the perception of  ignoring addiction in society will stop forever while so many of us are living strong and achieving great things in recovery.

I have a dream that the rich and the poor, the white, the black, the hispanic, the asian and others can receive proper treatment for their addiction by asking for it — and that imprisonment or dark alleys are no longer the path for an alcoholic. I have a dream that addiction and addictive tendency become standard terms since medical research reveals that at least 45 million people in America are battling this chronic illness.

I have a dream that your family and mine can emerge from the shadows currently shoving those in recovery to accept menial jobs when they have more wisdom, talents and energy to give. I have a dream of total victory against this medical disease, but unity is our greatest strength today. And with this circle of friends, we will emerge victorious in finding addicts earlier and curing addiction through proven methods. 

I have a dream that diabetes — a chronic disease my daughter and I share — and addiction will one day be  on the same level of treatment for all. Diabetes is currently nearing a cure once and for all. New inventions, medicines and millions of dollars of research are invested annually to solve this riddle forever. If diabetes can be tamed in my lifetime and the life expectancy doubled in the past century, then surely the larger family of those dealing daily with addiction, its complications and a proven recovery system deserve a cure as well.

With your contribution to this cause, which is receiving coverage on The Huffington Post website today, one day soon we shall proclaim: Thank God almighty for another miracle on this Earth — addiction can be cured and even prevented in the future.


By Terry Carter

Fox ran a story recently about Houston Texans All-Pro defensive end J.J. Watt and his search for a girlfriend.

Advice for this amazing athlete will likely run the gamut — and women are certain to look for a connection since he is GQ handsome by all standards. But J.J. does face a dilemma with his celebrity status and his annual income. Both attract a wide range of superficial and money-hungry types. 

Both can look amazing in the right light… for a short time. However all of us default to our true selves once we have reached the goal we seek. In this case, it’s the hand of the talented and eligible J.J. Watt.

J.J. — Your options are many, and your quality choices may be minimal. First choice, are you ready to go the distance to find a mature  — not old — quality girl with the right background, who can become your dream girl? If you are looking for a wife and say so, it won’t diminish the crowd of pretty girls ready to meet you.

But it would make your intentions clear. And perhaps the girls I refer to as lethal weapons won’t want to invest time and effort to win you to the dark side. 

First take a self inventory. Besides rooms full of cash, what personal qualities, convictions and beliefs do you have that a future girlfriend should know about? One day the physique won’t be as intimidating. So rule that out to impress a girl in your mind. Are you loyal, funny, polite, kind, forgiving, generous? Those help in any situation, but be aware, those strengths can also be taken advantage of by a conniving person.

So know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. I recommend keeping the weaknesses to yourself, but working on them consistently to make them strengths — just as you have as an athlete. Avoid weaknesses if you haven’t mastered them yet. For example, don’t walk through casinos if you have a tendency to bet.

Then make a long, detailed list of the female you want God to find for you. Keep in mind, God’s choice is his ideal for you to know and improve. She won’t be perfect — just amazing in the right ways. 

She may never have attended a Texans game, but she loves football, for example. She cooks even better than you do at HEB. And she absolutely must be brave, smart and mature enough to deal with your stardom and a certain amount of confidence that comes with dating you. Otherwise she will soon be feeling left out of your busy life — and consequently make you feel horrible as a result.

Best advice? Volunteer in where good people congregate like churches, non-profits and go to events with friends. Your next serious girlfriend must be a friend first before the next step should be taken. And a celebrity with money, a bright future, good looks and morals/integrity is a rare indivdual indeed.

If you want to explore how a celebrity can marry just once and make it work for life, don’t waste your time talking to Snoop Dog and virtually anyone in Hollywood. Talk to people who have made it work under than media spotlight like Houston country musicians Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black. In fact, country singers in general have a tendency to find lasting relationships. 

I specialize in analyzing the psychological makeup of people. But the old mantra still works the best: Judge not a person on their kind words. Judge them based on their actions to understand their true heart and intentions. Actions always speak louder than words. And the contrast between the two reveals how honest and trustworthy  that person truly is.

Best of luck, J.J. You appear to be a great guy. If an objective eye would help you in this endeavor, let me know.